r5BlA5FmzxMNqzu-1tjzD6CeP-2TTPuP2bF_MVcka5KP8Eq4go4HmZ6sAcHVJhCqf_Og63iQbPdKiUkaB-u7NLzlTCkEUw5Q0P30YEu_KBzFejNIBIn-bnyhjRyKrNAzqZOJtb306fMbBOoRq4t5CpcJq6vlF4nZ5diWtOssScClclqL7uvd6NkT9OI am a simple, easy going Swedish girl living in Belgium with my husband and soon two kids. Always looking for new opportunities and projects. With a large view of life, I can easily talk about almost everything. If you just arrived on my blog, you will noticed that I have a lot of interests. All from Lifestyle to fitness to fashion and it doesn’t stop there.Β  In my blog I will focus on My Lification. My everyday thinking, doing and more πŸ˜‰

As you might wonder, why a blog in English when living in the french part of Belgium?

To explain, born and raised in Sweden until my sweet 16. Moved abroad with my family and never returned πŸ˜‰ Well integrated in the Belgian society and lifestyle.

I decided to write in English as this is more comfortable for me. However, I am fluent in French and Swedish also so please feel free to contact me in any of these languages πŸ™‚