Time management

A day only has 24h. Within these hours, many tasks and pleasures and duties needs to be done. Being able to manage time in a correct way is not an easy task. I have been dealing with much stress lately but in the same time feeling that nothing has been done.

I am having problems managing my time and this makes me stress and get nervous and with conclusion irritable. I feel that there is not enough time with the kids, at work, during evenings, in the gym …. I am more tired and puts a lot of pressure on myself in order to fulfill all requirements. I am not an easy person to be around as I take everything to heart and explose once something isn’t right.

Not being able to update my blog has put pressure on myself but in the same time, I didn’t find a subject I wanted to share because my mind were somewhere else. I then realized that I do not take the time I need for my pleasures, my hobbies, my life.

From all this stress and pressure, I am completely exhausted and thought I needed more sleep. However I do believe now that I need to readjust my timeframe and make time.

Instead of complaining that there is not enough time, maybe I shall reorganize my mindset by making time.

One of my posts are about mindset, where I explain positive thinking toward positive attitude. This is something I lost recently and must regain.

Sometimes you forget what is important in life. Sometimes we don’t take the time to enjoy the little things in life. Sometimes everyday life takes the control. I know that I need a change and will do my outmost in managing my 24h in a way that completes me. I have read about the Japanese lifestyle ” Ikigai” – fill the days with life, instead of life with days. It’s a old mindset from Japan about thoughts and life. How to put things in perspective. To start off we need to answer three Β questions;

  • What can I give the world?
  • what do I like?
  • What am I good at?
  • What can I be paid for?

Take children for example; in the beginning of life, we are all curious of life, of things, not afraid to try and explore. We love new adventures and by learning something new everyday make us grow as persons and becoming more open-minded.

  • What makes you loose track of time?
  • what makes you feel fulfilled?
  • When do you wake up, ready to catch the day?

To have a meaning of life is a great anti-aging, a healthy life without stress and requirements. Β Being able to breath and spread happiness.

I am willing to start my Ikigai today. I will reflect on whats meaningful in my life and start from there. I will follow my dreams and remove all negative thought by replacing them with new positive air. I will adjust my life to live it to the fullest with all tasks and stress it might bring. I will loose my time by doing what I love and what make me happy.


Have a nice day




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