Motherhood and career. Is it possible?

One month since I integrated a new position in a new working environment. Everything is going very well and I am pleased with the professional changes. I have completely changed direction and know that I will learn much within this company.

At home we are trying to organize the leaving and picking ups of the kids every day as my working schedule has changed a bit. I leave very early in the mornings so I can leave work in time to pick up the kids in the evening. My daughter has started daycare and my son is in school with a specific timetable. Luckily he can stay there afterwards until we can pick him up. However the days are getting pretty long for both of them.

Coming home from work around 18.00. Everyone’s tired after a long day away but we still need some quality time playing and laughing together but also necessary tasks needs to be done like cooking, bathing, eating, cleaning, preparing for the next day… and all this before bedtime.

Is it normal to feel guilty not spending all or more free time with the kids ? Do they feel sad if one parent is not home every evening or coming later? Can we still be the persons educating our children?!

I love being out in the social/working life and need this “alone” time to be happy and fulfilled. I wish to have a career where I can accomplish whatever I am destined to do with my life. I am not only a mother nor just a wife. I am a person, a woman with dreams and desires. I also need fitness and well-being. Going to the gym to feel good and get satisfaction. I usually try to fit in my workout during lunches as the gym is just next to the office. These extra’s are necessary but I also feel that some days I do not spend enough time with the kids due to all requirement around the household and personally.

Is it possible to mix motherhood and career? Is it possible that in the end, everyone’s happy cause we all do something for ourselves?

The society today opens up many doors for those who wish a career. It also encourages people to do so. Being a housewife in today’s society is quite rare as we search for more. We need more. We want it all and for that we need money to proceed with our dreams. To survive, both parents are in title to work to contribute with the needs of the whole family. For some only a part time job is necessary to get out what we wish for in a working environment and the rest of the time taking care of the kids and the household. Unfortunately a career is more difficult to reach in these cases.

To combine both is indeed possiblein my opinion. Hard work, organisation, willingness is required on every side but also sharing feelings and taking the time for special moments together. The kids are making their lifes and we shall try to make the most out of the time we have at work but also at home. We are all people and are all worth the efforts.

We are still in the trying stage of a career on both sides. We will complete the missing time with extra vacation together and I think that by the end of the day, we will manage just fine combining both.

I become a better mom by being out working, socializing. Sharing thoughts and ideas with people. Coming home to my safe place where I can put on my sweatpants and no makeup and no one will ever say anything. I can lay down on the floor and just enjoy my kids and our quality time and this is for me motherhood.

Many companies also instores teleworking, which makes life more simple if you have kids. It takes me an hours every morning and evening till and from work, meaning I spend much time in traffic jams. What’s ideal in my situation, is to work one day a week from home, being more available for the children but also be able to work more intensively without losing time on the roads.

The future is ahead of us and only it can predict how everything will be. This is just some of my thoughts on the matter. How do you organize your private life with your professional life?

Soon weekend, enjoy the last hours at work and then the long weekend with the family.


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