End of March πŸ”œ Spring

Spring is around the corner and you can already feel that the sky getting warmer even though winter is still present in many areas. My mom even told me this morning that it’s snowing in Sweden again?! Here we can enjoy around 10Β° and some light through the clouds.

End of March, I believe we are all ready to welcome spring and the nice weather, leaving the cold behind us for some months at least. We need some sun and light, Flowers and birds singing, outdoor activities, bbqs and everything it brings.

This weekend we changed the hours. Instead of waking up at 6 every morning (which is already too early) I am now up at 5 to go to work in the center of Brussels. I admit that it’s nice having the sun longer in the evenings but now the mornings are dark again!! Well only for a few more weeks anyhow. Kids are still asleep when I’m leaving. What is the best solution to get them to adjust to the changes??

This winter has been very long and difficult for many. The flu is going around and it has not been a nice one this year. Even doctors are amazed that so many are sick and getting one thing after the other with different diagnosis. I thought our family made it through as we “only” suffered from some colds but last week the whole family got high fever, hurting everywhere and a really bad cold = the flu + some extra. We all got medications and after one week of rest we are finally feeling better even though there is still some way to go. Kids are back in school / daycare and we are back at work but must admit that we are quite dead in the evenings. It takes time to heal completely.

I have been absent from the blog for the last few weeks due to all the new things in my life (including illness)

I recently started my new job for which I am very happy but as for all new jobs, there is much to learn and much to take in so the fatigue is present. Getting used to the new routines within the family has taken some time as well. I am coming home late every evening and only get to see the kids for a few hours before bedtime. I am trying to focus on my family once home. We have decided to take a cleaning person for the house. This helps me so much and I can take care of other parts instead of being frustrated or stressed for all that needs to be done which ended with a bad living environment for everyone and it was not worth the headaches.

We are also continuing to fix the house. My husband and father in law have been busy painting the bathrooms and stuff. Now the garden will follow so we can do it nice with new flowers for the summer.It takes time to get the house done and we are not ready before several years but hey, this is the way it should be with a house, isn’t it?! Always something to do.

Anyhow a bit of an update of the situation. I will soon share my waredrobe favourites for this season so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

Have a nice start of the spring and a lovely day.


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