Princesse and prince becomes queen and king

From our young age until our older age we become ( hopefully) wiser and stronger. As individual persons but also in a couple.

A young relationship start off with not much knowledge of the other or the feelings that will follow further on. In the beginning we don’t ask ourselves questions about the future and only enjoys the present and the butterflies in the stomach. If it’s a fit the progress will be automatic without pushing and life will grow on it’s own.

How do we make a relationship work is up to each and everyone. No-one can tell you how to react or how to be or what to do. Your couple is unique and only you can see where you are heading. However for a relationship to work, lots of hours of communication is needed.

It cannot always be a field of roses and happy memories. Struggle and conflicts are normal and I would even say healthy. If the other person can make you rise to the moon. He or she is worth all the pain and hard work it will bring.

Today is a very special day for me and my husband as we celebrate our 10 years of relationship. 10 years ago, I didn’t know we were going to last, nor that we were going to celebrate 10 years together.

Time flies but lots have happened during these 10 years and it has not always been easy and many questions have been asked during the years. We have lived through happiness but also great pain and loss. Felt weakness and strength from each other. Buildt a stronger communication and relationship thanks to or because of the past. We have tried to support each other and facing problems as a couple. Today we are not perfect as every day, much energy is required to continue keeping us strong. Specially with life changing, kids, fatigue, culture chock amongst some obstacles but in the end we are happier than ever as we now understand one another on a completely new level than 10 or only 5 years ago. We push the other to reach greatness and always listen when we need to talk and share ideas or thoughts.

Two years ago, we got married and promised forever commitment. Together with our two beautiful children, we have so many projects for the future. The next 10 years are going to be about creation and evolvement.

10 years ago you were my prince. Today you have become my King! πŸ‘‘


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