Team spirit

I recently heard on the radio about a new position in the companies where a person is in charge of the happiness of the staff. Making sure everyone is feeling good, organising birthdays, kick offs, breakfasts etc…

Indeed we spent most of our days in the office together with other people outside our friend zone. In order to spend a nice day it’s important that the team share a bit of their lives as we are becoming more friends than collueages in the end.

Having a good team doesn’t always mean talking about our private lives but also the work load. If you have a good atmosphere at work, the more effective people get. And in a good mood the workload doesn’t seems so tough.

There are so many ways for a company to get their employees feeling good at work. All the small things matter and if you pay attention to their requests, their and your life will be so much easier and happier. For example, remembering birthdays, bringing a cake to the birthday girl or boy. Celebration traditions at the office and even more fun if there are different nationalities. Going for an afterwork, getting out of the office and into the social life, kick-off – resulting in teambuilding, dinners, cooking lessons, employee of the month and so much more. Create a living environment for your employees or colleagues. We all need a social life outside the household so sharing ideas and thoughts not only about work but also about life is important. It will bring people together and hopefully people will be more happy with their workplace and doesn’t feel the need to change. Another part that is important is the support from each other. Helping someone out with the workload, stepping in if someone is sick or absent. Call for a check-up! Small things that can mean the world for someone else.

I think that whatever you give, you will get back in one or another way.

Unfortunately ever

Wish you all enjoy team spirit at your workplace.


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