Princesse and prince becomes queen and king

From our young age until our older age we become ( hopefully) wiser and stronger. As individual persons but also in a couple. A young relationship start off with not much knowledge of the other or the feelings that will follow further on. In the beginning we don't ask ourselves questions about the future and [...]


Life statements

Don't put off to later, it might be too late If you have a dream, follow it and let it grow. Don't leave it as a dream Fall in love, dare to commit Stop worrying, start living Everyday is a reason for celebration. Find yours Change, improve, modify. Don't be too serious. Life is about [...]

Team spirit

I recently heard on the radio about a new position in the companies where a person is in charge of the happiness of the staff. Making sure everyone is feeling good, organising birthdays, kick offs, breakfasts etc... Indeed we spent most of our days in the office together with other people outside our friend zone. [...]