Back to reality

A week has past since I started to work again after several months away. Many mixed feeling but in the same time so ready. Today I am tired and happy the weekend is just around the corner.

I was pretty nervous the first day as I didn’t know what to expect arriving in the office, also nervous that I would have forgotten the tasks not to mention the workload. It took me a day to remember and finding my way back to normal.

It felt good being out of the housewife status and into the working adult life. I needed that social part, talking and doing other things with other people than just being a mum. But once the day is over I rush home to my family / my happy place.

I thought it was going to be more difficult and that I would miss my little babies so much but acctually this week I’m very fine. I know my kids are at home with their dad and it’s good that they get a bit of a quality time together as he has been working much lately.

We are also trying to figure out a system at home. Who is going to the gym when and on what day, who will pick up the kids and who will make dinner and so on… one kid was “easy”. Harder when you have two and at different places and you want to spend as much as possible of your free time with them but there is so much that needs to be done before bedtime. How do you all do???

Anyhow, I think we will manage. Just need some adaption time.

In the mornings I leave pretty early as the trafic jams are very bad in this country to get into the city. It takes me an hour from door to door and sometimes more if there has been an accident or for other reason. Which means I only get to say goodmorning to everybody, then I’m off. I try to leave work in a reasonable hour so that I can come home early but here again, everything depends on the trafic. In the long run this will be tough as I will only spend a few hours a day with my kids but I believe we will enjoy even more our weekends together. Both me and my husband needs to work. We need to have something to do and have somewhere to be everyday. Feeling that the day has been fulfilling in many ways. For our couple it’s also important that we have a social life outside the house. We have then much more to share in the evenings and if we are lucky, we will learn something new.

I have one month left at my current job then a new challenge will come and I am so excited and cannot wait to start my new job. Turning the page and moving forward.

Wish you all a great weekend



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