The way you build your life and your strategies are completely up to yourself and your wishes and lifestyle. Success does not only mean making money or being rich. Being successful can also just be what you have accomplished. A rich life filled with joy, happiness and health is as much of a success as all the money in the world. And money can’t buy happiness.

I recently wrote everything happens for a reason and once more this has been proven in our life and I couldn’t be more proud. When you least expect something to happen, when suddenly your dreams and plans are getting dark, it turns around and proves you wrong. Never give up just because it got difficult for a while. Try to listen to the signs and follow the paths and you will understand that ‘all of this’ was just an obstacle and a wake up call.ย Everything isn’t always bright and shiny and we all make mistakes. It’s good to learn from and becoming stronger and if there weren’t any difficulties life would’ve be pretty boring.

My success is my family. Without them I would never be where I am today. Thanks to their believes and support, I managed to believe in myself and create my futur the way I have always dreamed of. I also think that we must dare to take chances if we want success. Being in the confort zone is nice, where we don’t have to worry about tomorrow and we can just carry on with our life. It’s nice for the person who doesn’t need or want anything else or more and this is their success and I totally respect this lifestyle. But for us that are searching for new opportunities, eager to move forward and are not satisfied with our daily routines, we should take that extra chance after serious consideration of course and get out of our confort zone and make ourselves successful. It’s a big step and not always easy but in the end on the day, it might be worth it.

We cannot see into the futur nor do we never know what’s next but we can believe and try and perhaps you will be as successful professionally and personally that you always wished for.

If you have three wishes, what would those be? Mine would definitely be; success, happiness and health. If my health is good, then I’m happy and will have more chances for success. Again, with a positive mindset, doors will open for new opportunities.

Maybe I am repeating myself but this message is important to me and showed me more than once that it’s true so I wanted to share my experience.

Have a great weekend!!




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