Last week as a housewife

Since I started my blog I have been at home, first pregnant with my girl planning the months to follow, now a mom of two and busy schedule every day. During these past months, we have been through at lot and grown as persons but also as a couple and family. Time has come and on Monday I’m back to work. 

Mixed feelings going trough me at the same time like stress, nervous, happy, excited and scared… I don’t know how our lives will be with both of us working full time and with the kids in different places. New routines are to be put in place and the weekends will be filled with extra family-time. Next month my parents will come to take care of my daughter as I have not yet find a daycare for her. I think it’s good that she’s at home during the winter and can start when all winter-deceases are gone and the weather is better. I will also be able to see more clearly how we can organize our days.

While being at home I have had the chance to bring my son home directly after school


and spent the afternoons with him playing. I have seen my daughter grow and becoming this beautiful happy little girl.

I have visited our new town and getting to know it better. I have started my work-out post-pregnancy, I have been twice to Sweden and done so much more. It’s time for me to get back to work and out of the confort zone.

Being a housewife is nice for a while but not for me. I need to get out to see people, talk about other things than kids, babies, food etc. Have a social network outside the house is important for me and my well-being and therefore important to my family as I will be a happier person at home.

I will however miss my freedom. Being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Now spring is around the corner and new project are starting, the outside of the house is still to be done and I cannot wait for the sun and the nice weather to come. Looking forward planting some flowers in the garden and going for long walks with the kids. Life is changing and I am looking forward to what it has planned for us this year. Time flies by and sometimes we need to sit down and reflect on whats happened and enjoy our surroundings and live our lives to the fullest.

So I will now enjoy my three days left of freedom by choosing a new car, going for lunches, working out and spending time with my family. Absolute happiness !!

Wish you all a great day and enjoy





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