New Year

Christmas is once again over. New month and the daily routines have started and a new year has begun. What will this year bring us? Hopefully a better and fuller year than the year before.

Holidays goes by quickly, they are about celebrating life together with family or close friends. Time to share memories of the year the has past, to laugh or cry together, to enjoy each-other’s company by spending time creating something or just be. Christmas is about decoration the house together, baking cookies and making new memories for the year to follow. Christmas is about us. I am not religious but I believe the in spirit of Christmas that brings us together and makes us realize how lucky we are with what we have.

We all wants to be better or do better, be happy and healthy / healthier. Why not make this year one of the best ones to come?

Me and my family ended 2017 in a calm way with my parents in Sweden. We went up with the kids just before christmas. On the way we listened to Christmas music to be in the right mood. Once arrived the garden was white full of snow. My son was amazed. He has never seen so much snow. It was not that much as it had been laying there for a couple of days and about to disappear but he was able to play some before it was gone.


During our stay in Sweden, we met up with some friends and family and just tried to take it easy and enjoy the good food, atmosphere and the good company.

The kids had a great time with my parents and my sister. I tried to relax and take advantage of the extra help I had with the kids but my son is quite demanding for the moment so it didn’t really work out as I planned, my daughter on the other hand was more than confortable on the arms of grandmother that the return home has been pretty exhausting πŸ™‚

While being “home” there are so many things I want to do and places I want to visit that the days just flies by. I love being back in Sweden so that I can get that Swedish feeling by listening to Swedish radio, eating great food and go grocery shopping. Been living abroad for so long, these moments are precious. I miss many things about Sweden, but mostly my family and friends, but one thing I am having a hard time with is the darkness. Even my son was wondering where the sun was?!

Every family have their own traditions for Christmas and New Year’s but it also depends on the area you live in Sweden or elsewhere in the world. Swedes, or even all Scandinavians starts Christmas celebrations already in November, by decoration the roads and trees and all restaurants are serving the traditional Christmas table. Here you can find everything from eggs, herring, ham, meatballs, sausages, bread, salmon and much much more. Great food for both body and mind as it bring everything we need and more πŸ˜‰



Before leaving I accepted a challenge consisting not to gain weight or even loose weight during the holidays. First week was perfect, I did and ate exactly as planned, however once in Sweden, it was difficult keeping up the good work. Nevertheless, I did manage to eat correctly and did avoid taking a second time, once back home in Belgium after having celebrated Christmas and New year’s with lots of great food I notice that I had lost weight which is just amazing so I must say I am pleased.

Unfortunately for some and luckily for others, 2017 has come to and end. For us it was a big year. Lots of emotions and stress and fatigue. We manage to build a house, having a baby, move into the house, starting a new life in only a few month and even though there were some moments more difficult than others we are happy to welcome 2018 as it appear to be a big year as well. The kids are growing into these magnificent persons and my husband is taking a big step in his career and I have got the job of my dreams!

My resolution for this year is doing our best for a happy life together. How we do it or with what doesn’t matter, only that we keep being us and our small family I am sure we manage everything. I will also re-start writing as the time has slipped away these few months and much else has come between. Life isn’t always shiny and glory and something there will be obstacles in the way making it harder to see the light but in the end of the day, the most important is what you accomplish for yourself.

2018 – Here we come! Enjoy!






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