Essential for your body during winter

In my last post I talked about winter is coming and that it’s important to protect ourself and cover up as it is getting colder and colder. We need to be careful and dress warm enough to avoid getting the flu but we also need to protect the inside. It is important for our well-being to give ourself a boost during this cold and dark period of the year. We usually talk about illness, fatigue and flu. To avoid feeling “down” this season, we must help our bodies to feel good by eating correctly and taking our vitamins. Especially for the children, who still needs to run around and play. They need the right nutrition to be in shape and to be able to keep up not to mention to be strong enough to fight all the bacterias in the schools. I will quote hereunder some of the most essential vitamins and minerals your body need right now:


Vitamin A:

Why? Globally good for the immune system and also for the sight to be able to see better in the dark.

Where? In eggs, fish, milk but also in dark green vegetables.

Vitamin B:

Why? Useful to build new cells and therefore more muscles. Protects from disease and gives a global well-being.

Where?  In chicken lever, eggs, chickpeas, lentils, beans, dark green leaves, root vegetables, orange, berries and all full grain products.

Vitamin C:

Why? Increases the sense of well-being. Skin becomes more elastic and soft.

Where? In all citrus fruits of all kinds and kiwi but also in vegetables like peppers, parsley, parsley and cabbage.

Vitamin D:

Why? Strengthens the immune system on all fronts. Protects against colds and flu. Makes us happier and more alert. Gives us better balance.  Vitamin D is important for kids to get strong skeleton and avoid getting it miss-shaped.

Where? From the sun but due to the dark season we do not get enough light from the sun and need to find another source. Eat lots of fat fish (herring, salmon) and egg but also dairy products. The only vegetable containing Vitamin D are mushrooms that are grown in the sun.

Vitamin E:

Why? Natural antioxidant that gives the cells protection from free radicals. It also gives stability of the red blood cells.

Where? Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, avocado, eggs



Why? Helps the cells to build muscles and a strong skeleton. Helps to convert food into energy and the creation of new proteins but also the nervous system and much more.

Where? In nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grain products. Also to be found in leafy vegetables, fish, meat, chocolat and bananas.


Why? An antioxidant that helps with growth, wound healing and production of hormones

Where? In oysters, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. In dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. High protein content in the diet facilitates absorption.


Why? Needs to produce red blood cells. Without it we don’t get enough oxygen.

Where? In meat, eggs, fish, spinach and other vegetables and some fruits and root vegetables.


Why? Important for a strong immune system. Helps to prevent cancer and the treating of asthma to mention a few.

Where ? In meat, fish, bird, dairy products and nuts.

To prevent your body from getting sick, eat vegetables and fruits containing the necessary vitamins and minerals mentioned above on a daily basis. Steamed food is recommended in order to maintain the nutrition from the food. Everything depends on where you live and how much of each you need. If you feel that you don’t get enough from the food, there are compliments that can be found in pharmacies. Ask for guidance and you will feel better in no-time.

I have been and still am very tired even though I sleep and exercise. Feeling on and off and having a cold since long, I definitely needed that extra boost to get through the winter. I do feel better and insist that the whole family continues to take vitamins every day and so should you.

Take care!






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