Evening rituels 

Yesterday evening the kids were asleep, husband away so I got some alone time when I could spend a little extra time pampering myself in front of the mirror before bedtime.
I was in my bathroom getting my make-up off when I realised, my waterproof eye remover was empty…staritng to search for a sample received when purschasing products as this was my only rescue. I am usually careful with the products I use and avoid the ones I’m not familiar with. Especially as my skin is very sensitive I must be careful. However in a time of crises, everything has to work. Found a oil make up remover from L’occitane. I have only tested their handcream but nothing else. New experience and WOW!! Amazing feeling, absolutely love the texture of the oil, not too fat nor sticky. Adapts perfectly to the face and removes even waterproof mascara without having to scrub my eyes out. Leaving my skin soft and clean, without any redness and with absolut comfort. 

I finished off my cleaning with Clinique’s pep-start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser and thereafter their lotion to remove any trace of make up or other. I use the one without alcohol so my skin won’t react. Finishing off with my facial moisturizing cream. Normally I should use eye cream and serum but am out for the moment. Waiting for Santa Claus to bring me some new. I cannot to wonders and remove my tired eyes and lines but can feel much better knowing I try 😄

As winter is coming my skin is getting so dry that I am itching. I am trying to put on a body lotion every day but unfortunately with the daily life I usually forget before bedtime and never have time in the morning after my shower as the creams mostly need some time to penetrate.  I do feel that my skin is getting worse the colder it gets so I have to take better care of myself… New years resolution maybe 😉 have you any good body location you might recommend? 

It’s rare that I get this Wow feeling for a product but I would really recommend this oil make up remover!!👌


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