Winter is coming

As you might have noticed, the real cold is here. In Sweden the first snow has already arrived and it give me that cosy winter feeling when you wants to cuddle up in front of an open fire with some hot chocolat and just relax… here in Belgium we still have nice fall weather with lots of sun and temperatures around 9° but with cold winds.

Winter is a time when people mostly stay inside, the cold and the darkness makes us more confortable at home. The days are shortened and the evenings starts earlier. I really do not mind this time as I love lighting up candles and making my home cosy with  friends over for dinner and putting on the warm jacket and those nice boots.

November is a month when it’s too late to call it fall but yet a bit early to call it winter. A month when we all awaits one thing; CHRISTMAS with all the lights and expectations and of course the good food. November is also a busy month for us as it’s both mine and my husbands birthday so much to celebrate and organize.  I am also very much looking forward to all the Christmas markets that starts normally end November / beginning of December. Drinking “glögg” and listening to Christmas song to get in the right mood.

Unfortunately it’s also a period for all the illness to come back. It is therefore super important to take vitamines and preventions for the whole family. It is impossible though not to get sick once or twice during this period, especially if you have kids. We are struggling with a pretty bad cold since over a month that seems never wanting to leave our bodies.


This year is especially a fun time for our family as my son is getting more aware and understands more and more. It’s the first year when he will acctually remember this time next year. We have been going through magazines to choose his gifts from St Nicolas and he is so funny doing so. He knows exactly what he wants; EVERYTHING!! ” I want that, I want that, I want that…” He has also explained that some gifts are for babies so for his little sister. Yesterday we finished a letter to St Nicolas and hopefully his wishes will come true. In Sweden, we do not celebrate St Nicolas so we will also be sending a letter to Santa Claus for Christmas. In Belgium most families split the gifts so the kids receives toys for St Nicolas and clothes for Christmas. In our case, It’s mixed as we want to celebrate both traditions by making our own. Anyhow, he is very much into everything about McQueen, Spiderman, trucks etc etc. Typical boy stuff 😉

Enjoy this amazing season but be careful on the slippery roads and all germs lurking around out there. Stay warm and be happy.





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