Everything happens for a reason

Have you ever been wondering why some things happens in your life and it was not at all what you expected or planned. For me this is happening even more and more so I have started not to be disappointed if it doesn’t go my way. Something else is waiting around the corner, not specially something better but something different.

My life has not gone the way I thought it would be. My surroundings have changed and my vision as well. Of course mostly because I have grown up and become more realistic but if you think back to when you where young and your thoughts on how your life would be and where you would be, is this your life today?

Firstly, I never thought I was going to move abroad, secondly, I never thought I would stay abroad, thirdly, I never expected to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture but here we are. Thanks to my family’s decision and my dad’s work to move, I have my beautiful children today.

I believe we follow a kind of life-guide and we do approximately what we think is right for us but we cannot predict the future. I remember my vision of my life when I was a kid; I was going to live in Sweden, have a house, kids, husband and a dog. Typical Swedish life in the town where I grew up. This is more or less correct, I am married, I have two kids, I have my house but not in Sweden nor in my hometown and I have a cat not a dog. When I was 15 my life vision changed as we moved to Belgium. I knew that my life was never going to be the same and lots of changes and adaptation where ahead but also a world of opportunities opened up in front of me.

Just until recently this was again proven, these last few weeks where not as I expected. I was going to continue my work-out I started a couple of weeks ago. I was going to be fit when going to Sweden and wished to already see result on my body. I was going to prepare more subjects to my blog and deal with paperwork etc etc. However, something important came up the week before leaving where I had to focus to a 100% and put everything a side. I was right to do so because something very good and unexpected arrived. Nevertheless, I did planned to take a break of my training the week we where in Sweden to eat lots of great food and boost my metabolism so that I could restart the workout once back home. However, the whole family got ill and we are still recovering from a bad cold that won’t go away. This morning was the first morning since several weeks I felt OK waking up so no more excuses but I have to restart from week 1 and work myself up again but this time without any breaks (until Christmas). Anyhow, the reason why something is happening, if its a cold or a job or a meeting is because it is suppose to. Learn to accept unexpected situations and try to work around it instead of towards it. If you feel that something is getting difficult, reflect on the situation, what can happen if?! Find a solution and let life guide you to the result. Due to my perfectionism and structure I have difficulties accepting that I cannot always control everything and accepting life is controlling itself as everything happens for a reason.

The people around you are a huge importance in your life and where you are headed. Without their support and believes your life would be different. Therefore, surround yourself with great people and get away from the bad influences. My husband is for me, my greatest influence. He pushes me to the top and even though I think I’m not capable, he proves me wrong. Without him or his encouraging I would never be where I am today. I am him forever grateful and I think I do the same for him. Together we make a good team.

My advise is not to be afraid of a change and never be disappointed when it’s not going as planned. This is the way it should be and we shall accept it. Life is short and we must takeย care of every minute of it to make it great!

Tomorrow is still a mystery and I hope there will not be too many surprises for the moment as I like where it’s headed right now.

I apologize for my absence these last few weeks and promise to get back with more subjects about lification and continue to share my workout and progress.




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