Second week of post-pregnancy workout.

One week has passed since I started my post-pregnancy work-out. Although I got a cold and haven’t been working out for the last days as planned, I can already see results on my body. I feel stronger and eager to continue. During the week I did some extra rounds of squats and lunges as I felt I could and also some exercises for the legs and the butt. Total I worked out four days for about one hour each.

This week I will add some exercises to my program and by the end of the week some extra weights.

Due to bad weather and lack of time I cannot go out for a run as much as I wish so I am doing what I can to get the most out of my workout at home by adding some cardio exercises as knee lunges and step to start with.

I always start with some breathing exercises by lying down on the floor, inhale by swelling the belly – exhale and contracting the pelvic floor muscle. Due to my pregnancies this muscle were weakened and over-stretched and needs to get back to “normal” to avoid any problems in the future. I am therefore taking the time to do my exercises correctly.

This muscle is important for five reasons;


  • It supports your bladder, bowel and uterus.
  • It gives you control over when you empty your bladder and your bowels.
  •  It allows for optimal sexual functioning for a more satisfying sex-life.
  • It stabilizes your hip, pelvis and lower back joints.
  • Helping blood flow.

To continue my previous post where I explained some exercises, here are a few more to be added to this weeks workout. I am only working with the legs and butt for the moment as this is what I need to work on mostly right now.

High knees for some extra cardio Stand with both feet hip-wide and jump up and down with your knees high in 90°. Make a round of 1 minutes if possible.

Kick lunges (be careful of the balance) Same position as normal back and forward lunges. Take one step, kick forwards with one leg and than directly bend both legs in 90°. Repeat 3×20 on each leg.

Three step squats same position as normal squats only that here you stop three times while going down and one when getting back up and dont forget to squeeze the butt. repeat 3×20 times.

Back leg lifts on all four on the floor. Straighten one leg lift it up and then bend the knees down under the chest. Repeat 3×20 on each leg.

Side legs raises remain on all four on the floor.  As the name indicates – raise one leg (bend in 90°) up and down on the side. Carful to keep the rest of the body straight and contract the abs. Repeat 3×2à on each leg.

Pictures on all exercises will follow shortly. Due to illness and lack of time I haven’t been able to take the photos yet but didn’t want to wait too long to share the following step with you so stay tuned.




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