Carbs, proteins and fats

To be able to achieve results with the work-out I am doing for the moment I absolutely need to think about what I am eating to reach what I want.

I have always been eating correctly and healthy but never understood how the body works and reacts to all the “good food” and have therefore been eating wrong according to my needs. I decreased the amount of food to loose weight but ate wrong nutrients at the wrong moment. I ran for over an hour and did cardio at the gym but never reached my target, however I became bigger around the legs. Without understanding the “how to” I stopped working out as the results were not what I was looking for and continued to eat less to loose weight. Complaining that I was tired, bad skin, not fit. It wasn’t until recently I understood that eating well didn’t mean eating smaller amounts or only a salad, in fact it was the complete opposite. You just need to know how much and when you can eat what.

In my case, as I am looking to build muscles but in the same time loose my baby fat, I have to eat a certain amount of calories per day (this is personal from person to person) All depends on when you work-out during the day. If it’s in the morning, the best is to exercis on an empty stomach and afterward eat a bigger amount of carbs. The body will directly absorb and distribute to the right places and reject whats not needed. This is the best way not to stock. Focus on the good ingredients and avoid sugar and fat sauces to your dish.

The amount of carbs, proteins and fats are different for everybody and every case needs to be handled separately. We always talk about micro and macronutrients.

Macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) are essential for proper body functioning.

lificationbyjo carbs


Carbs are good because they give energy to the muscles and provides fuel to the brain and the whole body. You can find them in sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, bananas, all fruits and vegetables, wholemeal pasta, ketchup and much more…


Proteins are the foundation of the body, they are in the cells that forms the muscles. It helps the metabolism to work better and keeps you feel full longer. You can find them in egg-white, chicken, fish, red meat, lentils, yoghurt natural, protein powder, beans.



lificationbyjo lipides lax / avocadoFats are good for the functional part of the body. Primery needs of the organism. You can find them in nuts, avocado, chocolate, olive oil, yolk, butter, fat fish, mayonnaise, sauces and lots more…

To achieve my results I need to be careful of what I am putting on my plate. I need all the above for the well function of my body and to be able to build muscles and stay in shape. After a couple of days of correctly eating I can already see results on my body. Never forget that 80% of your results are within the food and only 20% of sport. Therefore a personal statement of account is primary.

Wish you a nice weekend and keep up the good work 🙂




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