The beginning of my work-out journey

Three months have past since my daughter came into the world. My body is still recovering but can say that I am ready to start my work-out post-pregnancy.

I am starting off slowly, not to impose too much too fast to my body that have already been through a lot during the pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. The body needs time and energy to get back in shape and I shall let it take the time it needs to recover correctly.

Running a few km and doing some exercises at home for the pelvic muscles. I need to test my body to see what it is capable of doing and how much I can handle and create my work-out schedule accordantly.

Being away from the gym for a year have left some marks, mentally and physically. It’s hard looking into the mirror and not like what I see. Clothes do not fit as well as they did, not being able to wear the pants or slim t-shirts as before. Maybe I am rushing things but I must admit that I am eager to regain my confidence and my body.

Good and healthily eating and with less sugar. I have been allowing myself for some treats here and there but come to a conclusion that this is not good for me. The more sugar one eat, the more the body asks for it. Therefore I will only allow one cheat meal per week.

Getting my playlist on Spotify ready and here we go!!

My workout for the following week will be as follows focusing on my abs and legs only using my body weight.

15-30 minutes running (depending on what my body can handle)

15 minutes breathing and contracting the pelvic muscle (retaining from peeing)

side lunges, circle lunges, bridge, chair contracting pelvic….

Squats  3×15 and after each round of 15 remain in sitting position for 10 seconds.

Love those squats!! Be carful doing the exercise correctly to prevent any injury

lificationbyjo squats

  • Put the feet in shoulder-width or larger in the beginning.
  • Back straight slightly bend forward, face and arms forward.
  • Lower down the thighs in 90° as if you were sitting down.
  • Contract abs at all moment.
  • Keeping the back straight and arms in front on the chest.
  • Press weight into the heels.
  • Get back up and squeeze the but.
  • Repeat 3x and pause 1 minutes between each exercise.



Walking Lunges 3×15 and after each round of 15 remain in 90° for 10 seconds.


  • Take one step forward with one foot, bend the knees in 90°. Keep the balance by separating the feet a bit from each other.
  • Hands on the hips.
  • Movements up and down, keeping the back straight.
  • Contract the abs and but.
  • Repeat 3x and pause 1 minutes between each exercise.
  • Full exercise on one leg before starting the other. 






Bridge : 3×10 and after each round remain up for 10 seconds.

  • Lie down facing the ceiling 
  • Bend both legs
  • movements up and down 
  • Contract abs at all time
  • Contract but when up

Plank : 1 minutes on each side and 1 minutes face down on forearms and toes.

lificationbyjo bride

It’s important that all exercises are done correctly for better results and avoiding hurting yourself. 

Finish off with some stretching.

Not too heavy but not to easy either. Can assure I felt my thighs burning 🙂

My objective is loosing weight and getting back my prebaby forms and muscles but aiming for better results this time. I will focus on body-sculpting including some cardio once or twice a week. The workout will be adapted each week considering my own progress. This is my challenge and as soon as my body is 100%, I will push myself to reach my personal goals.

Updates will follow on my progression and different exercises will be shared on a regular basis on how to get in shape at home.

Wish you all a nice day 🙂



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