Homemade crispy Granola

Starting my day with a good meal is really important for me. Something that will fill me up the whole morning or until 10-11 o’clock so that me and my stomach stays happy 🙂

I also need something healthy but that gives me all the nutrition’s in the same time. Add proteins, lipides and carbs for a better assimilation of the body. My recipe for homemade granola contains everything your body need in the morning.

 300 gr Granola » Preparation 10 minutes » Oven 35 minutes 

  •  60gr Oat meal
  • 30 gr Almonds
  • 30gr Hazelnuts
  • 30gr Pumkin seeds
  • 30gr Rye seed
  • 45gr Puffed rice
  • 10gr Coconut oil
  • 80gr Staple syrup
  • 1 white egg

The nutrition’s are split as follows; Proteins in the egg, oat meal and rye seed, Carbs in oat meal and rye seed and the syrup, Lipides in all the nuts and coconut oil


Add the ingredients in a bowl








Chop the nuts in different sizes and add to the bowl.


lificationbyjo granola

Whisk the egg white until it’s a white foam as the picture above.

Add the coconut oil and the syrup and blend everything together. Place it in a form or on a baking paper.


Put in the oven at 150°C for about 30-35 minutes to get the crispy texture.


Take out the plate from the oven, leave for 15 minutes to cool down then break small pieces to be conserved in a glass jar.


To complete the dish we should add some proteins that we can find in Natural yogurt 0% sugar or in almond milk.

lificationbyjo granola and natural yoghurt

Bon appétit and have a nice day




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