“I Do”

Yesterday was a special day for me and my husband. We have been married for 2 years already. It feels like yesterday when you think about the perfect day we had with our closest friends and family but even so far away. Much have happened since then, 2 kids and a house and we have grown as a coulpe more than I could ever imagine.


In February we have been together for 10 years. It took us a while to get where we are today but believe we needed this time to be sure that we are We.

Thanks to this marriage our bond is stronger than ever. We are one and together we fix problems, celebrate happiness, find solutions and climb mountains. It feels very secured having this complicity and having this lifeline person always there for me. During the last 10 years we have been though a lot and due or thanks to that we are who we are today. We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far and cannot wait for what the futur has in store for us. It took us 7 years to make a child, we wanted to live and enjoy our lives before settling down. Also being sur this is for life. Learning to live together and understand and accept the other is not always an easy thing. Not only that we have different backgrounds, different cultures, different childhood have we managed to create our family on our believes by mixing both. In our home we speak Swedish and French but with our own touch. Sometimes we wonder if people saw us, they would think we are crazy πŸ™‚ Β Every day is a good day, sometimes with difficulties but we always try to create a happy environnement by singing, dancing and laughing with the kids. Forgetting the bad in the world and focus on whats good.

Before we got married, we had “separate” lives. I had my money, my car, my stuff and my husband the same but as soon as the ring came on my finger I felt no need to have my space anymore. We share everything, my money is his money, his car is my car (hehehe). While doing this, it all became much easier.

lificationbyjo Jo's wedding bouquetlificationbyjo our wedding day

What I am most proud of in my marriage is our conversations. We always have been able to discuss everything, we never keep anything from each other and this makes us strong as a couple. Every Friday evening after work, we open up a bottle of wine and we talk about our situations, if we are having problems at work, at home, with friends or other, we work them out together by talking. We find solutions and make dreams and projects for the future.

The last few months have been a struggle for us. Building a house, raising a child, having a baby, moving, finishing the house and sleepness night have been quite tough on our couple. There were days we didn’t even have time to look or talk to each other not to mention the fatigue and nerves. We are still struggling but its getting better and better for every day. This weekend we went away on a family trip to celebrate our marriage but also to get away from the daily life, the house and just be a family. My husband had booked a night in the auberge de la ferme in the Ardennes.

lificationbyjo hotel room celebration marriage


To start the evening, we where invited to a very nice “apero” in the wine cellar with an explanation and tasting of the wine and ham from the region. This was fantastic. Very well organized and very good.

Afterwards we enjoyed a 5 meal dinner where the plates were as good and nice decorated the one after the other. Really a place to visit for their organization and service. The kids were very calm and well behaved during the whole dinner that my husband and I could have some us time, where we talked about everything and most important reconnected. To finish off the night, we opened a bottle of champagne and enjoyed it in the jacuzzi we had in our room.

Time flies by and we must appreciate what we have today and not wondering whats coming tomorrow. Make plans and involve your close ones in your dreams. Don’t be afraid to commit.



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