This seasons must-haves

Autumn is coming, meaning new season, meaning new beginning, meaning new wardrobe.

This is very exciting for me this year as I have not been able to buy anything new since over a year, being pregnant and all. I am slowly getting back to my old self and have already checked out the seasons musts!!

First impression looks great, colors are pretty dark but with a touch of details like flowers, feathers and lines  that makes the outfits less “boring”. Also what is good for me at the moment is the oversize sweather (to hide the little stomach that is left). Hereafter are some from my wishlist this autumn.

lificationbyjo outfits

The above outfits are from Pimlico and Les Bourgeoises

This seasons colors are:

  • GOLD
  • PINK

Black, beige, white and grey remains as basic colors that will never get out of style.

lificationbyjo autumn colors

Styles to look for this season;

  • Jumpsuits 
  • Oversize sweater
  • Blanket scarf
  • Lace
  • Bomber jacket
  • Nude back
  • Knitwear
  • Wide pants 
  • Wide sleeves
  • Sweater with Zipper
  • No shoulder shirt
  • Lines

How to combine the above looks? My advise is to mix them up for a complet autumn outfit. Here below are some examples on how I would dress casually or dress up for a night on town or at the office.

Take a one color jumpsuit and add a bomber jacket with flower prints on it. Or the other way around, floral jumpsuit with one color jacket.

The wide pants are great with both baskets or high heels. Casual style or more dressed. Do what feels right for you and for the occasion. Add some accessoires to complete the outfits if you are going out,
like the blanket scarf and some nice earrings. 

All sweaters mentioned above are perfect with slim jeans. This will bring out the details without being too much. The Toxic jeans are very popular right now. With or without prints but personally I prefer my basic Diesel or Levis jeans. As the weather is getting worse every day, I would go for darker colors on the pants. Black, grey or blue and avoid the white and light blue as per now.

To add some extra to your outfit, try the fake leather pants, leggings or skirt. A big Hit this season. I prefer the non shiny leather but this is a question of taste. 

If you like to have more or other ideas on how to dress or how to mix the colors, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss further.

I will soon add more from my wish list so stay tuned for more this season must-haves including my shoe selection.







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