Autumn season has begun

Waking up this morning and could already feel the autumn coming with big steps. The morning darkness and coldness with only 13Β°. The routines are starting and a new school year is in place.

lificationbyjo leaves yellow

Dropped of my son at the school for the second day. It was again very hard for him to see me leave. He thought I was going to stay and play with him. It breaks my heart seeing him like that even though I know he will forget all about it a few minutes after I’m gone.He still needs some adaptation and this will properly take a few weeks but I am sure he will manage just fine.

Anyhow, got the schedule from school for the whole year. Now autumn can begin.
I love this time of year. Summer is great but after a few months I am ready for the cold to arrive. The swede in me comes out πŸ™‚ Love lighting up candles and cuddle up in front of a good move. I love the cosyness it brings, the leaves that are falling down, not to mention the colors on the trees and the sky and the fresh air. What’s less nice is the rain and the grayish feeling.

lificationbyjo trees

This weekend a close friend of mine got married and held a get-together at their place afterwards. It was a real success for big ones and small ones πŸ™‚ Elvin was playing non stop for 10 hours…
Everyone was in a great mood and lots of food and wine. Nice seeing all friends together as this is getting quite rare nowadays with the kids and the everyday life.
lificationbyjo roses and riz on groom and bridelificationbyjo coral jumpsuit wedding

I was dressed in a coral jumpsuit from Les bourgeoises. I felt nice and confortable the whole day. A must for this autumn!!

Other colors for this season is burgundy. I am still getting used to it but believe it can be a real touch to the outfit this autumn. Floral prints are also a BIG hit this season. I am currently looking for a bomber with flower to go with my jumpsuit but also jeans and everyday outfit. Darker green, navy blue, greyΒ and pink are colors you will notice in all windows. One that should not be missed is GOLD. On many clothing there are smaller or larger touch of gold.

Wish you all a nice start on the autumn.




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