Back to school

The day has come, my little boy is going to school for the first time. I have been preparing myself for this day for some months now but never really understood the feeling it would bring. Today I felt very proud of my big boy, he is becoming a sweet, independent, strong little man but in the same time I felt sad. Time literally flies by. I Β know that I will adapt and he will have a great time in school and getting to know new kids, learning new things, growing even further. The hardest part is for the mother, I believe πŸ™‚

Yesterday he finished daycare where he has been since he was only 5 months. Where he learned to share his toys, where he learned to be independent, where he learned to be polite, where he met his first best friend and so much more. A security for my child and for me so this change is big, going from a class of 15 to 30 kids. New hours and new routines.

This morning was a big step for the whole family. He was proud leaving the house with his backpack to go to school. Believe he didn’t really understand the meaning of school and the changes even though we have been talking about it for the last few weeks. Today it became reality. He directly started to play with the toys and wanted to do this and that and that. Everything was perfect until we had to say goodbye and leave. He realized that mum and dad couldn’t stay and the tears came 😦 This is the hardest part to leave him like that. We kissed goodbye and went to the car and then I cracked like lots of mothers do. I know that he will forget all about it 10 minutes after and continue to play but just difficult he is only 2.5!lificationbyjo la rentree

lificationbyjo first day in school

He has had a lot of changes recently with the move, new baby and everything but he is a strong boy and will manage just fine. The day was long and I must admit that I have been waiting for the day to end.

Finally we went to pick him up this afternoon and as expected everything went very well πŸ™‚ He stopped crying 5 minutes after we left and started with all the activities. He slept well, ate well so all is good. A huge relief for us. Afterwards we went for an ice-cream to celebrate this first day.

I hope this first day went well for all of you and that your little ones are happy with their day and classes. New semester has begun.

Wish you a great weekend and a continuing well school year for your children.




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