What’s right? What’s wrong?

Today’s society has some unwritten rules about how we all should act or behave. Unfortunately it’s very easy to follow these rules to avoid any judgments but is this really who we wants to be? It is wise Not to follow our own instinct ?

In parenting, no one knows your children as well as you do. We have all certainly got many advices from friends, family, teachers and even doctors on how to raise our children so that they will not do this nor that. Some advices are absolutely necessary and useful and are to be considered and put into practice, some are just not applicable on your child. Therefore, follow your own instinct on what your children need and don’t need. When I got my children, I was told to follow a pattern for each of them. With my son, I did listen to everything as this was the first time for me and I didn’t know anything about kids. I think I maybe listen too much and didn’t act upon my baby’s needs but upon the situation and got very stressed if it didn’t work. However with my girl, I am more relaxed and do what I consider well for my baby and it works very well. How you raise or punish or love your children is up to you and your partner. You feel and know whats best.

In our daily life, we often look at what people have or don’t have. We need their approval or opinion before purchasing or proceed. “What do you think?” “Shall I buy this dress or shall I take the pants?”Β  In the end, the decision remain yours, what do YOU think? Again, do what pleases you and not the others. It’s hard to take this step to accept who you are and not who you are in the eyes of others.Β  Of course, we all want to please our surroundings, to feel good about ourself or what we have accomplished and this is human and a great thing if you are the first person that is satisfied.

Always take advices with moderation. Use the ones that are right for you. Say politely thank you to the others and use them if necessary, if not it’s OK! Once you have achieved the above, you will feel so much stronger and independent.

Follow your believes and instincts. There is nothing right or wrong – no ideal way of doing. Perfect doesn’t exists. What is perfect? Who is perfect?



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