How to organize a Bridal Shower

A day where she will be embarrassed, surprised, excited, happy, scared but most of all loved by all the people following her on that special and exciting day.

The subject of bridal shower came up as I recently participated in one and have read and seen lots of them recently. Most weddings take place during the summer time. All from April to September and during this time, lots of showers are being held or prepared. You can see them running around having the time of their life. Friends get together to organize the perfect day for the future bride with much energy and thoughts to get everything right. There are so many different ways to plan this day but all depends on the person in question. We are not all the same and do not like the same things. Some wants to get crazy and do all the embarrassing things imaginable, however some rather take it easy to avoid all the above.  Personally I am in the middle. I like the crazy part but with a limit. I think a balance between both is perfect. Maybe start of slow and then get the party going.

My bridesmaids and friends organized my shower month before the weeding.  I had absolutely no idea whatsoever so I could really feel all the emotions I mentioned in the beginning. First reaction was scared (what was going to happen, what had they planned?!?!) then I was excited and curious. Finally I just had to let go and let my friends take care of me that day.

me as a bride to be

Here are some ideas on how to organize a great shower;

  • Invite all HER friends, even those you don’t know. Great way to connect with new people.
  • Put her in the center. It’s her day and she needs to feel special
  • Stay within the personality of the person. Do not do anything too much if you know that the person will just hate you afterwards.
  • Take time to organize it (weeks or months before) to get everything right and/or sure to get all reservations in time
  • Budget. Calculate the full costs.Who is participating? …
  • Make it a surprise.
  • Find a disguise related to the theme and the person
  • Participates should dress alike. Chose a color or dress code.
  • Find funny personal games.
  • Memory – Make it a day to remember by either signing a tee-shirt or kisses on a frame red lips from the girls…

lificationbyjo team bride

lificationbyjo bachelorette party


Ideas of themes


Include in dress code, decoration and disguise … many great ideas on Pinterest

10 Ideas on things to do

  • Winter wedding – Rent a cottage and cosy up in front of an open fire where you can get together and have for example a quiz about the future bride and groom and ask all questions you all are eager to know about them 😉 During the day, all depends on the weather but always try to be outside. The fresh winter air is just amazing. Skiing, Walks, playground, an orientation quiz but with questions you choose and for all the right or wrongs she has to turn left or right and at the end there is a gift depending of the results…
  • City trip – Go away for the weekend to explore a new city, add some games and have an agenda on what to do. Here I would plan everything a head to make sure there are no surprises. Already book places you want to go to, make a planning for the rest of the people coming so everyone is aware of the situation. For a weekend away, a budget needs to be in place as everyone don’t have the same income. Find solutions so everyone can participate.
  • At home – Blindfold the future bride so that she has no idea where she is going. Finally inside, everyone is already there to surprise her. Start the day with some easy stuff for her to do around the house. A quiz, A dance, A letter to her futur husband to be read on the wedding day, A painting representing her husband (ask him to do the same) and show up on wedding day … For all correct answers, she get a gift, for all wrong, she have to drink. Prepare a nice and easy lunch for everyone. Sandwiches and snacks. When she doesn’t expect anything else or worse to happen, you bring out the disguise. Get her ready for a night in town. On the way to the restaurant or bar, she need to gain some money to pay for her dish by either selling small stuff or by doing something like singing or dancing in front of a crow. Finish up the night with a good restaurant and a night out with the girls.
  • Air-balloon – Take a trip around the city in air-balloon – always a memory that last
  • Parachute – make sure the bride is really up for it, the day might get worse if she doesn’t like it
  • Adventure – going for a hike or camping in the woods, maybe near a lake where you all can go for a swim. If not, just an adventure parc. Apply the above ideas of quiz and more..
  • Spa-day – A girls dream, getting pampered the whole day with massages, facials, sauna and pool hang with the girls.Perfect relaxing moment before the stressful wedding. Finishing off the day and night with a nice restaurant and clubbing.
  • Sports day – If the bride is a sports freak, plan a full day with different activities. Or she has to participate in a class at the gym in her disguise in front of all. Or even be in charge of one class is another idea.
  • Shopping – the bride has to go shopping for her own disguise. Don’t give her the freedom to chose. Make the choices difficult.
  • Wedding dress – what a better way than to try out for the wedding dress than with your closest girlfriends. Get that luxury for a day with services and champagne and everything that comes with.

You got the ideas, now adapt them to her so that they fit perfect with her personality and throw the best bridal shower ever for your friend / the future bride.

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