Sleepless nights

Indeed it’s wonderful having children but everything our bodies have to go through is quite something. The human body is amazing, creating a life during a time of 9 months. However and if it was not enough, it is not over after 9 months, only baby came out. Now we need to work hard to get back to our usual self physically and mentally . This takes time as childbirth is a big change for the whole body. We need time to heal and we need to let the body do that even though we are in a hurry. For some it goes quicker than others but be patient not to harm yourself in the meantime. Sharing here below some of the non-pleasant moments we all go through after birth;

  1. Walking like a penguin. If it wasn’t enough during the last month of pregnancy
  2.  Scratching stitches. Yes due to a big head that came out from down-under.
  3.  Perineum muscle completely gone!!
  4.  No baths for four weeks.
  5.  No sex for four weeks. Sorry hubby!
  6.  No sleep. Baby need to feed every three hours. Meaning less than two hours sleep in between.
  7.  Bathroom visits are now either with company and in less than two minutes or just in two minutes.
  8.  Eating once baby is asleep. This can vary between five minutes and two hours. Also have you notice that once your plate is ready, it’s then baby starts to scream.
  9. Extra kilos. It’s nice that you can eat what you want during pregnancy. Unfortunately the gained kilos don’t come out together with the baby.
  10.  No Sport for three months. Yes, those extra kilos have to stay… Go PW
  11.  Doing EVERYTHING with one hand.
  12. No carrying. Hubby doing all the hard work and lifting around the house.

These are some of the post-pregnancy issues (I would call them) but fortunately only last a few month…. some, years,… but hey… this was our chose and we do forget all about the inconveniences once we get that beautiful smile. Don’t you agree?

Lificationbyjo Slepping beauty

Everything disappears as soon as they go to sleep and being so cute. It’s all worth it in the end.

Powerwalks after childbirth. The only sport allowed

Daily powers walks with both kids. One in the trolley, the other in baby carrier. Extra weight to get up those mountains and loss those extra kilos

Lificationbyjo watching beautiful sunset while feeding baby during the night

Enjoying the beautiful sunsets and views from the bedroom when up feeding baby several times per night.

Good luck to all women out there that are in the same position as me. it’s soon getting better 🙂





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