I’m back ;)

After over a month away, I’m finally back on the blog. My absence have been mainly due to the lack of internet in our new house not to mention the move and the baby that have been taken up lots of my time recently.

Babygirl is now over a month old. Growing very well. Eating like a horse πŸ™‚ which is great especially when she was born so small. She is eating so much, she now has colic and her stomach isn’t following. I have been to the doctors and osteopath and we are slowly finding solutions but I am of course open for suggestions if any?!

During this time we were also moving to our new house. I must say that it’s not a good idea building a house and having a baby at the same time. It has been completely exhaustingΒ  for all of us. Luckily my parents came for three weeks to help out with the kids, move or just by feeding us but this is nothing I would suggest. The house is still a mess but we are getting there slowly but surely. My husband has been working like crazy to assure a good place for the whole family. I have unfortunately not been able to help out lots as carrying is out of the question after child birth. See before and after pictures…

We all try to keep the positive attitude even when it’s difficult. They say it’s a big change Lificationbyjo Brother holding his little sisters handjust having one kid but even more when having two. I must admit that I absolutely agree. It’s hard work taking care of two and fulfill everyone’s wishes. Big brother is still very proud of his little sister which is so sweet but he plays it out on me which is not so sweet and I a trying to keep my calm. He is searching for attention and as the baby is crying a lot, my hands are tight but I am doing my best not to freeze him out. It’s been a great help having my husband at home as well to help out cause alone I would not be able.

We are very happy about everything we have accomplished so far. House, family and we cannot wait for what the future is preparing for us.

New posts about my post-pregnancy to follow shortly and my plan on healthy living.

Cheers everyone!!






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