22 June 2017

Is the day my babygirl came to the world. A day that will always be graved in my memory with lots of love. She was quite in a hurry to show us her beautiful little face. Everything was done in one hour from the moment we came to the hospital to the time she arrived.

I started to get contractions during the early evening when we were having dinner with my parents. I wasn’t at all enjoying the food, I went to bed very early that night cause I was to tired from the whole day of cleaning the house, making boxes for the move etc. I knew she was on her way but thought I would be able to get some sleep before. The contraction were getting worse and I squeezed my husband’s hand that even he understood that something was going on. I was just going to the bathroom when the water broke. Direction hospital.

Arrived at 22.30 and got installed in the delivey room with monitoring. The contractions were strong but not regular enough. We both though we were going to spend the night waiting for her arrival. The feeling and the pain from the birth of my son came back and I just thought I would never be able to live through that again… Suddenly while turning to the side I felt that I needed to push. Chris ran out to get someone and a couple of minutes after she was in my arms, 23.31 o’clock to be exact. I wish this kind of birth to all moms out there. I’m not hiding it didn’t hurt cause once more I thought I was going to die but I definitely prefer to have it done and over with quickly than suffer for 24h as some women do.

Anyhow, we stayed only the three of us for a couple of hours, just enjoying the moment and our daughter. These moments are so special. For 9 month she was growing inside of me and finally we got to see what we had created together. Magical Is the word!

We are still at the hospital for observation as she is very little. 2310 gr but in perfect health. Just need to check that she is growing as she should. Hopefully we are going home tomorrow morning.

During the whole pregnancy I was wondering how my son would react seeing his little sister. I was nervous he would get jealous and take it the wrong way as he has been the center of our world for the last 2.5 years but I was totally wrong. He was so proud holding her in his arms, kissing her, calming her when she cries. We are so proud of him and this great little boy he is becoming. I am not saying that it won’t be difficult at home as I can imagine that once home, everything is going to change but couldn’t ask for a better start.

Now our life as four will begin in our new house which is almost finished. I can soon get back in shape and start my workout that I have missed so much and enjoy my wonderful family to a 100 %. Can’t wait!!



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