With just 11 days until due day. I have been “busy” taking it pretty easy and going for check-ups for the baby. I thought she might be here by now but seems she is doing just fine and enjoys her place in my belly. By the end of every pregnancy there are always more controls and tests (for me anyhow)Β  The last few weeks I have been monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and my own twice a week and being followed closely by the doctors as my blood results were sometimes unsettling and my swellings still very present but after today’s control, everything seems to be in order. The weather doesn’t help as it’s really hot and apparently the sun is here to stay. This will be great for all our walks we are going to do the whole summer in our new neighborhood. I am following doctors orders by drinking lots and lots of water and rest when necessary. She will show her beautiful little face whenever she is ready πŸ™‚ 4UwfygIcrNiqd6tj7yplsiNrpNJiK3BB-HqCPpKx_C5n7f-NOxtMqjmHs1jfgyqygVwvUom6PNqi4Hp_X0fE3_XMKwmzEGxISc-Xv80YdgJiaOWfcpXotqxfjGySdy2iRAhOBLFWtYV8P09wzAKVwgNyGHrsspaqJtKOqphPHFca1-pSyucyWUV4Nw

I must admit that I am now getting nervous regarding the birth. As we are getting closer and closer I remember more details about how it was. Even though Elvin was born in 6 hours and everything went very smoothly I still feel scared. Any advise on the birth on a second child?


This weekend it also hit me that it may be the last weekend we were “alone” with our boy. I therefore made the best of it and spent a pretty awesome weekend. On SaturdayΒ  just the two of us and then with friends on Sunday. Think he was enjoying it as much as we did. He understands that something is going on but believe he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. We will do our outmost to create a happy environment for all four of us. How would you say is the best way to introduce him to his little sister?R2kDslkQRwx-wBD4a7lZQxrfagMfjywH9uMSrlHPxvCy7dNFHo58n3ApZisDAo0ePlEx_dT4UQPNNMJ8Y9O6fz1A2qZTN6e0n7sD0iu3i_yo70X7fWSUzk-rYA5WrtV-fImb-8JTWw-kAEx2WXok6ClPMqDq3lAgdSpYgHXRpBwcXKvjwc8Z0tma9U


I also went for lunch with my hubby last week just the two of us. We absolutely needed a break and to be together. There is so much going on right now and so much stress. He continues to paint the house and getting everything ready for our move in two weeks. I am trying my best to help out and are doing the last few boxes at home.

Everything is going as planned so that’s great. In a few weeks we can finally just take a step back and enjoy.








Have a great day!!



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