Many of us are wondering what it means to be or not to be in a relationship. What makes it a good one, when do we know it’s right and when is it wrong? We all act different towards the relationship we are in as they are different if it’s between two friends, between a man and a woman, between women, between men, child to parent, colleague to colleague and so on…. There is no right or wrong, just how we humans connect to each other. My vision of relationship doesn’t reflect on who you are with but how you feel when you are with this person. What makes it a good and healthy relationship and what’s not. We chose the people we want to have in our lives. The essential is the right connection. Sometimes we need people that are the total opposite and sometimes to whom we can reflect. Young, old, man, woman or child.

Thanks to or because of the entourage we become the person we are today. Relationships are an important factor for us to achieve our goals and dreams and the best are based on trust and support. If there is no trust, there is no healthy relationship and we focus our time on the bad energy it gives and the outcome is frustration, sadness and doute and in the end we stop believing in ourself.

I have had many different relationships with different people in my life. I’ve made mistakes, misjudged people and being misjudged. Today I have learned from my mistakes and is now able to chose wiser my surroundings. I select whom I wish to enter my world and who not to. I am more open and honest than I’ve been before. I cannot stand fake people as they gives us absolutely nothing more than empty promises and unfulfilled friendship. My goal in every relationship is happiness. Getting something out of all of them but in the same time give back what’s needed. Being a friend, a shoulder to cry on if needed and someone to laugh and spend a good time with. Being a wife to my husband but in the same time a friend and a lover. Being a colleague but also a co-worker and friend. A mother to my children, guiding them through life. Helping them realize their goals and dreams. Nothing is without obstacles but I believe we get stronger because of them.

With my husband we have a good relationship. The main reason is sharing. We talk a lot, about everything. He is in the same time my lover but also my absolute best friend. The person that I can count on in all weathers and I know he will never judge me, never look down on me. He believes in me and trust my instincts and listen to my feelings. It’s taken a while for us to reach this point but I am glad we took the time to arrive to where we are today. It’s not an easy task every day and we do not agree on everything. We remain two people completely different but complementary to one another. As husband and wife we have grown stronger as we consider us as one.

To mention my relationships with my close friends. I don’t see them very often, we do not call each day, nor each week but in today’s society we are already fully booked with work, kids, house and more that we do not take enough time to call or write to our friends just to say hello, how are you? For me it’s not the most important because I know that even though we haven’t spoken for a month or more, I know they are there for me when I need them and I am the same for them. These relationships are very important. Before I met lots of different people and considered them fast as friends, I was wrong. They were not friends but acquaintances and not there to stay. They were good in that precise moment of my life but not for a lifetime of friendship. Today I can count my very good friends on one hand and that’s totally fine. I know who I can count on and who can count on me.

I am very close to my family. Even though they live in Sweden and I’m in Belgium, we have a daily contact. What’s great today is that we can write messages and send emails, even speak to each other over video making the distance easier to handle. I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas but I still know that they got a haircut a few days ago. I am not saying it easy having them far away but it’s easier and makes the time apart feel less long. Every time we meet, the time is so precious, we make the best out of every minute. I remember when we moved here, it cost a lot to just call my friends in Sweden and for them to call me that in the end our friendship was lost due to lake of communication. Today you can be in contact with anyone in the world just a click away. Amazing isn’t it!

I will not continue to talk about my relationships as it is already getting pretty long. My point is that in whatever relationship you are in, make 100% sure you are feeling well with it. That you gain what you look for and that you give what’s wanted of you. If there is jealousy or any bad feelings, it’s not a healthy relationship so either try to fix the issues or move on. It’s more reasonable for both parties. Life is short and we don’t need unnecessary relationship as society is already asking so much from us. Talk about your feelings with your close ones, share your happiness and your sadness, believe in your relationships and in the people around you!




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