Just a normal Wednesday

The weather has been quite bad the last few days with lots of wind and rain. I am not complaining, it’s even very nice for me. My body is feeling better and is less swollen. I am however feeling that we are reaching the end of this pregnancy. I have therefore decided to take it very easy the coming weeks so that she can stay in there for a bit longer. The only thing planned this week is a visit to the gynecologist to see that everything is OK.


I have started to be more and more familiar with my camera CANON and is studying and testing the same as I wish to learn to become a good photographer. If you have any ideas on how to proceed I am open for suggestions πŸ™‚Β  All photos on my blog or Instagram are made by myself so please comment and help me approve my images.


I am testing different filters but most of my pictures are natural as I am learning the settings on my camera by testing all aspects.fl

Other than that, today I received my order from TWISTSHAKE. I am so excited to get my boy to try out the products I have read so much about. I also ordered some for my babygirl and if everything goes as planned, more products will follow.

black white


Have a great day and will update the blog soonest with some interesting facts πŸ™‚

Take care



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