Nine months

Entering week 37 and I am amazed how fast this pregnancy has gone. Already 90% done!! Little girl is doing fine and showing herself more and more by taking up more place in my belly. The human body is pretty amazing considering. I can rely to the fact that the second pregnancy shows faster than the first one. The body recognizes the situation and adapts accordantly. During the first pregnancy, the body was making the necessary changes following the growth of the baby. This time I could really feel her round the 4th month being pretty low (just an impression). I felt that I had to carry her so that she wouldn’t “get out”. Apparently this is a common feeling as the belly already has been expanded and there is space for a second or third child.

The end is close now, she is getting into place and I have more and more difficulties moving. The pain in the lower belly is getting worse but this means she is slowly but surely taking the final position.

My hormones have really been up and down this time. Don’t remember they were so pronounced last time or is there a different between girl and boy?!

  • I am very sensitive and takes everything to heart (more than usual)
  • I have no patience for anything and gets irritated very quickly
  • My very good memory has disappeared. I can’t recall anything anymore and this is odd being me as I usually remember everything. Anyhow I have read that this will return once hormones are going back to normal after the birth.
  • Stomach being pretty much up and down during the whole pregnancy.
  • Stretchmarks on the legs
  • Swollen feet, hands … I am like a swollen ballon for the moment, due to the warmth and hormones of course. My wedding ring doesn’t even fit. I am passing my days in the couth with my feet up and just taking it easy to be on the safe side.
  • HOT HOT HOT. I don’t know if it’s a good idea giving birth during the summer.

Other than what’s already been mentioned, it’s pretty amazing being pregnant and creating a life. Feeling the movements and seeing them grow inside of you is a very special feeling and worth all the above unpleasantness.

When I was expecting Elvin, I was wondering if it was true what all parents said when they first saw their child and the emotions that came with. I had no idea what to expect and how my firstborn was going to look like and how I would feel seeing him for the first time. I definitely thought he was going to have a big resemblance to his dad as he is darker than me but also referring to the fact that most babies look like their father at birth to be recognized. In contrary to my boy, I have absolutely no idea what my daughter is going to look like. For 8 months now she has been hiding and not willing to show us much more than her back. All we know is that she has my husbands noise. Let’s see if she will get my blue eyes and blond hair or if she will be a copy of daddy as big brother was. Both are totally fine by me.

I have put together a collage of the different stages during this pregnancy;


My belly isn’t very big but I am not very big either and baby is also pretty small. During the first trimester I didn’t gain much weight. Maybe one kg. Afterwards it has been more or less 1- 2 kg per month.

I am ready to introduce her to the world but would prefer that she stays for at least two more weeks. Elvin was born in week 38 so let’s wait and see. TO BE CONTINUED….



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