Cravings and healthy eating when expecting

Today I’m going to talk about food and my usual habits as a pregnant woman and fitness girl. The most important to remember is to eat healthy with variety.

Before I got pregnant I was following a lifestyle where I ate according to my training. As I was working out 3-4 days a week, my body needed more or less of everything but to accomplice my goal, I was not allowed to eat any sugar except for one day a week – during my cheat meal. This seems harsh and I admit that I was questioning whether I was capable to follow my schedule as I love chocolate, candy and especially ice cream. I never liked the word “diet” as I am more interesting in eating what’s not allowed than avoiding it. My coach at the moment gave me a sort of menu to eat every day depending on my work-out. He included the chocolate so this part wouldn’t be too frustrating. It was not milk nor white chocolate but dark without sugar chocolate. At first I was disappointed as I really didn’t like dark chocolate and was sure that I wasn’t going to eat it. In the end the chocolate wasn’t that bad after all. Always try before judging. πŸ™‚

Everything was calculated according to my weight, my personal goals and my work-out. My main concern was to lose my cellulite as I did have quite much and never wanted to show my legs unless the skirt covered the knees. I wanted more muscles than fat but not to become a big athletic girl. I wanted nice small muscles. A designed body. Again, this was for MYSELF and not to show off. I believe that to be able to be happy and glad for others, you need to feel comfortable with yourself and not to judge others by the cover or creat jealousy. I was motivated and the more sport I did, the more sport I needed as it made me feel very good. I was in a better mood at home, less tired, not constantly hungry – globally in good shape. I realized that before starting my new lifestyle I ate too little. I thought that I would lose weight by “starving myself” than by eating correctly. I quickely noticed that I was completely wrong. I managed to reach my first goals before I got pregnant. My cellulite was gone, all the muscles on my body started to show and it was toned. I even felt comfortable in my clothes. I was satisfied as I knew that with the pregnancy I couldn’t continue due to all the hormones, my body would change again. I am however convinced that I will recover more easily after this child-birth than the previous as I was more fit this time around. BUT there are a lot of work to be done.

Today my cellulite is back (not as bad as before) and I have gained 14 kg. I haven’IMG_3134t been working out during my pregnancy for different reasons. I haven’t been strict with the food except by eating healthy with focus on the needs of the baby and myself. Of course sugar has been in my daily menu as this is difficult to avoid being me πŸ™‚ but been eating lots of fruit everyday and sometimes the sugar from the fruits was enough to satisfy my cravings.

They always talk about cravings during a pregnancy. The only thing I can recall is that I was much more into sweets when expecting my boy and more into fruit with my girl. These last few days I have been craving for pineapple.

I eat a lot of vegetables everyday and now when it’s hot outside I really love preparing different salads with chicken, tuna, egg and mozzarella…

My breakfast contains everything your body needs to start the day. Proteins and lipids from the eggs and yogurt. Carbs from the oatmeal and the fruit. I mix it all and cook it into a pancake and its delicious and keeps me full for the whole morning.


My lunches are different but I always try to add proteins, carbs and lipids into every plate. Here below a mozzarella salad with tuna and different vegetables.Β  Adding olive-oil and balsamic vinegar together with some herbs for a better taste, often followed with a yogurt for dessert.


As mentioned above, I eat a lot of fruit


but also often falls for the amazing desserts


For dinner I eat more or less the same than during lunch with basmati rice, sweet potatoes or wholemeal pasta together with vegetables and fish, meat or chicken.

Being pregnant means I need to be careful of what I eat, not eating for two as one might think but eating enough. All vegetables and fruits needs to be carefully cleaned to remove toxoplasmosis as I am not immune. Not eating dairy products that have not been pasteurized and all meat needs to be completely well done.

Many vitamins are important during the pregnancy for the good development of the baby. Calcium and vitamin D are necessary for the bones and skeleton, you can find them in fat fish and eggs. Iron and vitamin C are also very important for baby and the mother. Folic acid is essential during the whole time to avoid neurological malformations of the fetus. Drink lots and lots of water even though you need to visit the toilette even more than usual.

I will not go into details as I am not a professional in this area. I am doing my researches as this is absolutely something I am very interesting in and will focus more on this part once I can restart my training.

Me just before getting pregnant and today 36 weeks pregnant.




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