22 June 2017

Is the day my babygirl came to the world. A day that will always be graved in my memory with lots of love. She was quite in a hurry to show us her beautiful little face. Everything was done in one hour from the moment we came to the hospital to the time she arrived. [...]



We had a nice and soft weekend even though we have been out doing something very day. Chris started to paint our house so that we can move in by the end of the month. So existed!! For the past 6 months we have seen our house being built and for every step, the more [...]

Nine months

Entering week 37 and I am amazed how fast this pregnancy has gone. Already 90% done!! Little girl is doing fine and showing herself more and more by taking up more place in my belly. The human body is pretty amazing considering. I can rely to the fact that the second pregnancy shows faster than [...]