The mystery of a woman’s handbag

Ok, I’m all about the bags, the shoes and the jewelry. Every girl’s dream. I never get enough of them and they make me happy. One of the best therapy is shopping, don’t you agree? When I feel down or  have a lack of confidence, a new something makes the deal. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get this feeling for a while due to pregnancy and the need to save some money for the house, I can only dream of the day I can enjoy a full shopping day and I am sure it’s going to be the greatest feeling. As the Swedish saying “Om man väntar på något gott, väntar man aldrig för länge = good things come to those who wait”

While I was waiting for my turn to see my gynecologist yesterday, I came to think about all the things I carry with me on a daily basis. My bag is pretty big so it’s quite easy to just add items without thinking but it’s getting really heavy. Not good for my back nor for the bag!! I will definitely need to do a good clean-up and only add what I really need. I have always Loved handbags and changed several times a year. However this bag has followed me for 2 years and I’m still so in love with it. I find that a good quality bag is a better choice for me now. Which bag should I go for next? 😉

Michael Kors

So I will reveal what I absolutely need in my handbag;


In my Michael Kors bag I always carry around my wallet  fromTiger of Sweden . I do  await the day when all stores introduce payment with smartphone. Phone Never leave the house without. Sun glacesRay-Ban – Very necessary during summer and while driving. Toys – keeping the kids calm and bubbles almost always do the trick 😉 Make-up “MAC, Clinique, Dior After a long working day it’s nice to freshening up if going for an after-work or meetings. These are some of the most wanted items but I also add my keys, hand disinfectant and a pen of course 🙂

I will however remove all the old tickets that are just piling up in the bottom of my bag together with other pieces of paper I don’t need anymore. I also have a small pocket where I can add all my member cards from different stores as there is not enough space in my wallet to keep them all. Do we really need all these cards today? In Sweden, everything is connected to your id card. You only show your id-card when paying and all information is in their system and you don’t need to search through all your cards to find the right one. Do you also have the same issue or is it just me ? 😉

Conclusion, yes I indeed need quite much in my bag as I am the person “you never know what to expect” What does you handbag look like? Are you more less is better or the more the merrier?

I am actually searching for a nice and practical changing bag but haven’t found what I am looking for yet for a reasonable price. Any ideas?

Promise to share my love to the shoes as well in a near future 😉

Have great sunny day everyone







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