Planning for the arrival of our new family member.

D-day is approaching and I m planning the arrival of my baby but I need your advice. What baby clothes shall I bring to the hospital and what to use afterwards?

My son was born in January so no questions about how to dress him. The advises already received is not to warm but what does that really mean in the summer time? From what I understand, babies need one layer more than us. Therefore my though was short sleeve bodies and a complete covering pajamas. Is this correct?                                                    What if the room is 30 degrees hot or what if the AC is on? I have blankets that are warm or swaddles that are thinner and more breathable. Socks shouldn’t be necessary if the pajamas is covering the feet, right? I know that every country and their hospitals are different but as I understood, we all need to bring the basics but am I missing something?

Once home, still summer and great weather to be outside and as I wish to go for walks every day, what clothes and covers do I need to think about when we’re out walking or relaxing in the garden (in the shades of course)?

I don’t know about you, but this is the most stressful question I have for the moment. As I have already been through a childbirth, I am not afraid of what to expect but of course nervous for many reasons.  My main concerns are not arriving in time to the hospital, not knowing who can take Elvin not to mention the pain!! In the same time, I can’t wait to meet our little girl and so excited having her in my arms. How did you experience the arrival of your child/children and what were your concerns?

Otherwise we are not really ready for her arrival and I truly hope she will wait a few more weeks. We were definitively more organized the first time around.                           We will only be able to move into our house by the end of June as there are still many things to finish. Anyhow, if she decides to come earlier we will manage, she will have clothes, food and a place to sleep and lots of love. Then, we will focus on her room and the rest once installed in our new home. The most important today is that everything goes as planned and without any stress.

We have kept everything we got when Elvin was born and we choose almost everything in uni-colors (in case the second one is a girl) so we will be fine:)                                               Is there anything you would recommend that you couldn’t live without and have helped you through the first month with a baby?




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