My everyday rituals

To chose a product is not difficult given the high number on the market and the science and researches that are just continuing to grow, but to know which one correspond to your skin is harder. There are many very good brands out there but we know so little about. I recommend to contact a professional to get all the help you need. As a former beautician I have tried lots of different creams and lotions for my skin type. Some worked better than others. Finding a product I feel comfortable with is not an easy task, my skin type is very sensitive and reacts quickly to temperatures, products, mood to mention a few. For several years now I have been faithful to Clinique as they offer a rang of products that fulfills my needs. I had to change the composition during my pregnancy as my skin reacts differently due to all hormones.


Every night I wash my fact with a very smooth cleanser. It removes make-up as well as impurity, leaves my skin fresh and NOT red as many cleanser do. Afterwards I remove all excess of purity with the smooth lotion, leaving my skin clean and in comfort. As I am getting older, nothing can remove these small lines but to prevent aging I apply the serum Clinique Smart who has the intelligence to cover all my specific needs πŸ˜‰ I finish my daily ritual with their new Pep-Start moisturizing cream.

For the rest of my body, I try to hydrate every day. Sometimes due to lack of time of if I’m too cold I skip. I am aware this is NOT the way to go as my skin gets really dry very fast and starts to itch. Now when I am at home, it’s easier to get into a good rhythm. Same as my face, my body is very sensitive and burn easily in the sun and reacts quickly but accepts almost all creams without feeling anything abnormal.


Again, throughout my pregnancy I need to be careful not to get any stretch marks due to the weight gain and hormones.Β  On a daily basis, I use Bio-oil on my stomach and beasts. On my legs and inner thighs I use “Beurre de KaritΓ©” – Shea butter to removes the newly stretch marks or makes them invisible if any wishes to appear.

I’ll let you know if my hard work pays off in the end.






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