The sun is shining – be happy

New week, new opportunities, new beginnings πŸ™‚

The sun is shining and is intended to stay for the whole week . YOUHOU!!! I love the sun and the beautiful weather. The surroundings change and everyone’s in a good mood. The summer is the best time to start your positive attitude, great way to accomplice your goals. Nothing can stop you from being outside, meeting new people, trying new stuff.

On my side, I can’t wait for our house to be finished, to be able to sit in the garden just taking the sun and relax with a fresh drink, watching my husband taking care of the BBQ…. oohhh dreaming… soon…soon… We started a new project in January – to build our home and it will be ready by the end of June. It has been a struggle – especially for Chris as he is the one taking care of every detail and is constantly in contact with the builder and architect. He deserves a BIG THANK YOU once everything is done.

As I am just getting bigger and bigger my wardrobe is about ready to be packed in boxes and awaits better times. I believe that during the following month, I will only wear dresses and long shirts as everything else is getting uncomfortable or too hot. With this heat I am swelling up like a balloon.






Today I am wearing a dress (bought last year) from Les Bourgeoises. I still love the colors, the fabric and it fits even though my big belly. This store has a mix of different styles and adapted prices.









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