My blog is going to mention baby quite much in the following months as I am expecting my second child in June. Actually in week 33 so “dernière ligne droit” as you say in french. I am currently off work to relax and get baby to grow these last few weeks. Great time to start blogging 🙂

I already have a boy named Elvin who is now 2 years and a couple of months. It’s crazy how times flies by and how fast they are growing. My babyboy is running, talking, singing and already so independent. Difficult to understand he was an innocent little baby just “yesterday”

We are eager to introduce him to his little sister. We are trying to explain that she’s soon coming and that he is going to be a big brother but he doesn’t seems to understand that mommy has a baby in the belly. Any ideas or advice how to get him to realize?

I am sure he’s going to be a great big brother and will take good care of his little sister but he is in that age where everything is HIS. It’s Elvin’s mom, Elvin’s dad and Elvin’s toys… 4Et1P9mxj4_JJEHxbMckgL6yH2pEIbutiSdS2LAQYgYquX3eTkii96vOapjdymJ1e6zDe_fCdVUMMwqe-dJgeP1ABvZFpnC_wUtiH78cx5dWeVBxCZA7BiLLrKQWYBQj8Pxss64izVhNkGNyez8AoPIPhK2bgncbbvIkL_pUaUl_kv0BhG61OyAvcM

I must admit that my first pregnancy was “easier” and more joyful than this one. It’s not easy growing a belly, taking care of a child, a home and work at the same time. I am tired but I know that in the end of the day it’s all worth it 🙂

How are you experiencing your pregnancy?


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