Pregnant and clothes?!

It is a difficult time for women to be pregnant and not be able to dress as we wish due to the changes our bodies are going through. In one way it’s a beautiful travel seeing the belly getting bigger and bigger but also hard accepting. 33 weeks

On the picture, I am wearing a simple top from H&M and my skirt is from a store in Waterloo called “Audrey B – La boutique des copines” in Waterloo. Check out their Facebook page.

Today it’s really hot outside and every piece of clothing seems too much. So the easier the better.

During my two pregnancies I have not bought a lot of clothes. I had the chance to receive lots from friends and I am so grateful for that. Much comes from H&M as their collection for future moms are really nice, comfortable and affordable.

I can’t wait to get back to my normal size to be able to go into stores and buy new outfits. Still some weeks/months left though.


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